Start your Morning with Routine and Calm

We are all affected by what is happening in the world right now. Maybe you're one of the amazing front line essential employees, maybe your working from home, or not working at all. What we all need right now is to settle into a routine and start our morning in a calm positive manner.

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Morning Routine 

We meet each weekday morning for meditation, journaling and discussion.

Each day I will lead you through a guided meditation and provide you a journaling prompt, after our journaling we will have a discussion on what we are moving though at this moment.

We meet at 7 am MDT each weekday morning. Recordings are provided if you can not join us live.

Ground in Morning Routine

Build a new routine to start your day.

Start your Day with Calm

Start your day in a calm space.

Create a Positive Morning Ritual to Start your Day in Calm

Are you feeling like your life is a bit out of control?

Are you tired, irritable and feel like you are not accomplishing anything?

Do you not even have the energy to pursue your favorite hobbies?

It's not your fault. The world has been turned upside down.

Let me help you make some sense of it all. Take part in a new morning ritual that will set your days up for success, or at the very least get you off the couch and doing something you enjoy.

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Why Now?


There has literally never been a better time then now.

You either have time or you have chaos. Either way you need to start your morning in a calm routine positive way.

What better way to start your day.

I will lead you through a guided meditation. Meditation has been proven to...

Reduce Stress 

Control Anxiety

Enhance Self Awareness

Lengthen Attention Span

Improve Sleep

Help Control Pain

I will provide you a journaling prompt and we will journal together. Journaling has been proven to...

Improve working memory

Boost immune systems 

Reduce stress

Enhance a sense of well-being

Reduce symptoms of depression

After our journaling session we will have a discussion to share how we are feeling and what we are going through. Group discussions have been proven to...

Help articulate thoughts

Give a sense of community

Lessen the feelings of going through something alone

Refine understanding

If any of this feels like a good reason to join us, please do.

We will meet each weekday morning for one hour a day.

Give yourself the gift of one hour.

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Register Now

We are starting again June 1 and will run for the month of June. Join now to start your new healthy habit.

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June 4 Week


June 1 - 30

  • 4 Weeks June 1-30
  • weekday live group calls
  • guided meditation
  • journaling prompts
  • group discussion
  • audio replays of the meditations
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