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Summer, And What'S A Girl To Do?

Soul Creative
We have wrapped up the first ever (beta course) Soul Creative and boy did I learn a lot… and it seems they did too.

8 intensive weeks of healing through creativity.

The ladies will tell you we worked hard, maybe too hard. I am looking at expanding the program as they all thought it was a lot in 8 weeks.

But, did I ever see transformation in these women. Everyone had different things they were working through, but they came together and supported each other and did the work.

I am looking at another program in the fall, dates are being confirmed.

I am also currently looking for space to hold a one day workshop Soul Creator, a step into the intensive online program Soul Creative.

I should have all dates confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

Art Walk
July 5-7, I will be at the Edmonton Art Walk. Look for me on 105 st (near Chapters). I will have the Installation piece “Power and oppression” with me, along with a lot of new art for sale.

It has been months of new...

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