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I have collected so many colouring books over the years. I love the drawings and have always been too afraid to mess them up by colouring in them. Silly I know.

At Christmas, I received a couple of sets of fine markers and it has changed colouring for me. I can’t get enough now. The fine tips and bright colours make colouring in these amazingly detailed colouring books so easy and fun.

I have even played around with drawing my own colouring pages. I used them for my thank you postcards when people bought my art (they now need to be updated with the new branding). But, you know what? I never even coloured one of the ones I created. 

What was that about? Was it the perfectionism freeze? I know I have trouble writing in books, but colouring books are meant to be written in, coloured in. but, I do think that is what it was, I didn’t want to mess up those great drawings. 

There is no wrong way to colour, so why was I so afraid?
I recently got back to my art...
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