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5 Steps to Help Counteract Isolation and Loneliness

Many people, even before Covid, found themselves feeling isolated and lonely. Where as an adult do you make friends? Where do you find like minded people to hang out with? We could do a whole post just on that one topic alone.

And now… we throw in months of quarantine and everyone facing their own fears and maybe not reaching out to others as they are consumed with surviving. So now even people who had friends and a support system may not any longer.

Loneliness creeps in and with it our self value plummets as we don’t feel valued by anyone.

So how can you counteract those feelings of loneliness and isolation?

  • Spend 15 minutes a day talking with or writing to a loved one. You may have to make the first contact. Everyone is consumed with what is happening to ‘them’, and may also be feeling lonely and isolated but not know what to do about it.  Even that small amount of connection can make a big difference. Call, write, have a zoom or messenger chat....
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